Select case studies

The Half Townhouse

Project type Residential

Year completed 2018

Scope Lay out non-structural interior partitions. Select all interior finishes and fixtures. Design custom millwork, including stairs and doors, and furnish.

Size 2,706 sq ft

Consultants Boro Architects (AOR)

Historic Rehabilitation

Project type Commercial

Year completed 2018

Scope Design an interior finish and fixture package to be rolled out to a portfolio of 14 apartment buildings, including public spaces and unit interiors.  Furnish amenity spaces and entries. Focus on rehabilitating original architectural details and materials.

Size 125,000 sq ft, 14 buildings, 900 units, 50 entries

W Hotel Suites

Project type Hospitality

Year completed 2016

Scope Decorate the E-Wow and Wow suites to allow for multifunctional gatherings including guest stays, social parties, and meetings. Design with an emphasis on W brand identity in the context of the NY-area clientele.

Size Wow 864 sq ft, E-Wow 1,088 sq ft

Consultants Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners (AOR)