Our design process


Design is a discussion

At Cochineal, we challenge each other to be thoughtful, creative designers. Our studio is unrestrained—we never say no to ideas—and promising proposals are thoroughly fine-tuned and strengthened. This practice of collective, productive discourse elevates us as a team and is evident in all aspects of our designs, from floor plans to finishes to furniture.


Pre-design establishes your project standards. Since our practice is rooted in collaboration, we determine the components of your project with you, including budget, timeline, aesthetic preferences, and scope of work. Our intention is to absolutely understand your wishes, whether practical (like kid-friendly fabrics) or arresting (like a one-of-a-kind staircase).

design development

Our design services are extensive, and we believe consistent communication is essential to a smooth workflow. We create layouts, diagrams, design presentations, and drawing sets as methods of illustrating and communicating. In addition, we liaise with architects and engineers and source goods to purchase on your behalf. Detailed financial reports ensure we are tracking budget.

design delivery

Delivery is when your design is realized. We work directly with your contractor to confirm each aspect is built as intended, and we position furniture, art, and accessories. The intangible is now material.